Krumbs For Chumbs - Company Message
Hi, this is Kathy from Krumbs for Chumbs:
Climbing the coroporate ladder is fun but I needed more space to express my individualism and creativity. In search for that creative outlet I have decided to take a Journey with "Krumbs for Chumbs".
Finishing cake related courses was only enough to get me started on my goal to become accomplished in cake designs. Every new cake is an opportunity to learn something new and try new techniques.
The real beauty of this is the fact that every cake design has something unique and it never turns into a routine.
"I strive to please each of my clients and their guests with beautiful, detailed desserts that leave them second guessing. If they should cut into the cake or admire it a little longer..!!
My goal is to design the cake of your choice for all of your special events. The way to achieve that goal is to provide excellent service, unique design and quality products made and Loaded with Love in Every Crumb.
With the freshest and finest ingredients used in the cakes, I ensure that your cake experience will be a memorable one!!
With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us.
                                               " Thank you for Visiting Krumbs for Chumbs "
                                                          please feel free to contact us.
                                                      [email protected]
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